Aliens Invade Earth

Kylie, John, Dylan, Brandon, Reggie, Giovanni, and Thomas are on a very dangerous adventure. We're trying to save planet Earth from alien destruction. Let's find out what happens!

Monday, January 01, 2007

chapter 7 Our way to the Strongest Alien

We flew to South America on a plane. Once we got there, aliens were ready to battle. Good thing everyone had a sword with them. We all chopped the alien's heads off. Then the strongest alien punched us onto the ground. We all said quietly,"1,2,3, TRIP. the strongest alien got tripped. R5D4 and the strongest alien got up and said,"your goin down!" We all stabbed R5D4 and the strongest alien. All the aliens were dead! Everyone cheered. "But were are all the people",said Reggie? We found a hole in the ground that it would take us to Saturn. We all jumped in the hole. We all found all the people floating on the rings. John said,"people, jump in that teleportation hole."The people jumped in the hole and everybody got back to Earth and returned to there normal lives. We all thanked each other for coming. "Do you think the aliens will come back?" "Someday,maybe someday."said John.


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