Aliens Invade Earth

Kylie, John, Dylan, Brandon, Reggie, Giovanni, and Thomas are on a very dangerous adventure. We're trying to save planet Earth from alien destruction. Let's find out what happens!

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

chapter 5 Giovanni saves us

We couldn't barely breathe. Our friend from Jupiter Giovanni gave us air gum. Now we could breathe on Jupiter. Giovanni took us into his hole in Jupiter." Watch out. Were being hunted by aliens guards.said Giovanni." The alien guards were right obove us. "Since last year aliens were taking over Jupiter and every other planet.said Giovvanni."Why didn't you visit me?"said Giovanni. "Aliens invaded Earth and kept us here on Earth ontil they brought us into their UFO."said Kylie,John,and Reggie. The aliens saw us in the hole and came down. There were eight aliens coming down. We all punched them down. We came out of the hole and found some planes.When we got in the planes aliens appeared out of nowhere for the second time. We were ready for the easiest fight of our lives. It really wasn't easy. It was extremely hard. The aliens started attacking.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

this is so cool john thank you kill those aliens

your friend
Giovanni Lucas

6:39 AM  

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