Aliens Invade Earth

Kylie, John, Dylan, Brandon, Reggie, Giovanni, and Thomas are on a very dangerous adventure. We're trying to save planet Earth from alien destruction. Let's find out what happens!

Friday, January 19, 2007

chapter 4 The Fights in the UFO

Once the alien guards came toward us, we fought the aliens. John,Kylie,Brandon,Dylan,and Reggie were against the alien guards. John punched the first alien guard in the face really hard. It knocken two of the aliens teeth out. Reggie,Brandon,and Dylan kicked the second alien in the stomach. Kylie and John punched the third alien in the back of the head. The third alien got nauseous.We were all proud of everyone for defeating the three alien guards. Some how more toufer aliens appeared in the UFO. "What happened?" said John,Kylie,and Dylan. "Im ready for more action" said Reggie. We were all ready for another fight against the aliens. More aliens came to Manhattan and knocked down the Empire State Building. We kept on fighting the alien guards and we won.There was only one alien guard left. The alien threw us out of the UFO on to Jupiter. We were floating in the air and could'nt breath that well.


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