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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Mom and Attorney Frank Wu

Hi John Anthony and Christina!

Meet Frank Wu! He's a famous lawyer who shared what it was like growing up and being called names because of how he looked.
He spoke so well about how we have to, "watch what we say to people." We can't talk about appearance when it comes to race. We have to be, ever so careful.
Remember when I told you to speak well and A.R.T.C.U.L.A.TE. your words? Here's what he said, so well, about democracy, "Diversity is like democracy a process not an outcome.” It’s a process not an outcome. We march and march again. We will have hope and optisim and the margins are making a new mainstream. We will make good on the promise of a diverse democracy."

Why is Mom sitting on the floor?

Hey you two!

It's 9:00 am and I woke up at 6:00 this morning. I was hoping you had a great night sleep. How's Scottie? I'm sitting on the floor at a very large convention center listening to speakers about diversity. I will try and phone you later.

I forgot to mention, there are TONS of young people here who support having a diverse school. I will explain further when you get here.


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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Hello from JFK

Hi guys!

It's me mom! I am writing you from JFK airport. My flight leaves in 45 minutes. Pray all goes well.

Christina, you MUST study for your test. Also, tell Msgr Funaro you want to audition for the Blessed Mother in the Xmas pageant.
John Anthony, how are you? How was school today? You must call David to arrange for a substitute. I called Ally Pond and told them you couldn't make it on Fri or Sun. Oh well, Boston is better. A few notes: help your dad with lunch; clean out your bowls for the morning lunch; there's chicken and fruit you can make if you are hungry.

TAKE A BATH tonight.

Hey Marco! This is neat, right? I will post my travels here. I sent you an email with some more NOTES. How are things going at home.