Aliens Invade Earth

Kylie, John, Dylan, Brandon, Reggie, Giovanni, and Thomas are on a very dangerous adventure. We're trying to save planet Earth from alien destruction. Let's find out what happens!

Saturday, January 20, 2007

chapter 3 Aliens UFO

I tried to fight but they were too srong. They took us into their UFO and trapped us in it. More aliens came and started invading Manhattan. There were alien guards blocking the doors of the UFO. The aliens had sting rays. The UFO was filled with planes that can fit five people. "What should we do?" said,John. "We should use those planes."said Brandon. The UFO took us to Jupiter. They took off their masks and every alien we saw had three eyes instead of two. The aliens at earth destroyed the City Bank. Money went flying everywhere.The alien guards came our way. What are they going to do with us?


Anonymous Frank C said...

Cool blog! I found it when I was doing a search for my alien story. cheers!

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